The Dave Moower Stag W/E - Fri 05 / Sat 06-Aug-05 in Harrogate

Meeting Minutes

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Accommodation :

Harrogate Travelodge click for directions 20 pppn, 24 beds booked by Barlymow, see list below . Cancellations must be before noon each day, else must be paid for. So we need to know ANY corrections to the list below, else you run the risk of getting a bill, sleeping under a bin, or just plain getting a pasting
Suggest meet there 6-7pm Fri. Car / room sharing can be sorted out couple days before.
Also, suggest bringing walking gear for Sat daytime for those who like that sort of thing. There's a possible outing to Theakstone's brewery in Masham for those who don't.

Outfits :

Saturday night : St. Trinians' Schoolgirls, 10 each click for costs (which you keep). The outfits, not the girls. Unfortunately. click for demo

18 are being made, 1st come 1st servered. Optional satchel 5; let me know BEFORE Fri-05 if you want 1.

You must bring your own :

Attendees (please let us know any corrections)

  Fri Accom Sat Accom Sat Outfit (max 18)
Moore (O7971 007 357) y y y
Seens (O7970 024 143) y y y
Dutt (O7970 070 013) y y y
Andy Moower y y y
Ed Culshaw y y y
PXB y y y
Markage y y y
Iain y y y
JC y y y
PC y y y
Tiley y y y
Anthony GlenholmE y y y
Little Andy Archer y y y
Col Greenwood y y y
Simon y y y
Matty Brown   y y
Terry Butchart      
Barn Door Hill      
Richard Fenwick y    
Phil Mountain y    
Pete McKenna y    


18 16 16


6 6 --