Dave Moower Stag W/E - Meeting # 7


Date : Fri 8-Jul-05 8pm

Venue : Old Black Bull, a broken bench round the back

Present : Moower, Seens (stand-in secretary, with his alledgedly "gay pencil => gay secretary"), Dutt, Ed, Markage, Iain, Col (eventually)

Apologies : none really - it doesn't count if it's only received when prompted, after forgetting completely. Action Barly / JC - buy a dairy. Or a diary. Whichever helps.


Previous Actions


Seens presented his prototype, which Col begrudgingly (he was driving therefore sober) modelled for the benefit of the Committee and the rest of the beer garden.
Photos (c) Best-Men-Cam Dutt's mobile.

All agreed it was superbly specified, designed and implemented. As Col managed to get it on and off without much damage, including a wazzo pair of jugs underneath, the prototype also passed integration testing. The sides could do with coming in a bit ("fitted" in girl-speak), tho this this may be solvable with a belt.
Hats should be held on with ribbon, not elastic.

In a complete U-turn, all agreed that white ankle socks were more convincing for 16 year old birds, and that Seens would price up instead of the more trad fish-nets.

Post Mtg Notes
  1. Seens has ordered hats, collectable Fri 15-Jul. They had however been miss-priced by the shop; the originally quoted 2.70 should have been 4.99, but some clever use of "1/2 a dinari for my life's story" haggled this down to 3.50. Hopefully the extra will be covered by white socks being cheaper than fishnets.
  2. Seens has also aquired pinafore material. This will be pre-cut into 18 portions and passed on to Betty Greenwood for expert tailoring (thanks in advance). Unfortunately, Preston market's Cath's Fabrics have had a bit of a run on the prototype grey material, due to an incident at a local girls' school involving school uniforms and a large vat of swarfega. Even a meeting with the managing director, Ms. Cath, couldn't resolve the shortage, so a substitute denimmy-blue material will have to do.

Attendees (specifically Saturday dressing up-ness)

Definites (18 costumes to be produced):
  1. Moore
  2. Seens
  3. Dutt
  4. Andy Moower
  5. Ed Culshaw
  6. PXB
  7. Markage
  8. Iain
  9. JC
  10. PC
  11. Tiley
  12. Anthony GlenholmE
  13. Little Andy
  14. Col
  15. Simon
  16. Matty Brown
  17. Terry Butchart
Possibles :
  1. Danny - to be invited ACTION Seens
  2. Ribbs - to be invited ACTION Seens
  3. Cheesy
  4. Barn Door Hill


Harrogate has little old lady knitting conventions, with which we would NOT like to clash - ACTION Markage to check


Saturday Activities

ACTION Dutt to find out.



Dutt sneaked off early to see a suspected bird, possibly a Nowegian fisherwoman whom he met in The Canaries. ACTION Dutt - report on any progress.

As beer took over, the "agenda" slipped gently into religion, Mr Leonardo Davinci, and why Mark's cat having cistitis proved that it was catholic. Apparently Susan (Mark's not Ed's) is not a catholic, but knows someone called Noddy. ? .