Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Moower Stag Meeting # 4 Minutes

Date         Friday 19-May-05

Time         20:00

Location    Old Black Bull, Preston



1.Previous Meeting

Dutt started of by slagging off Seens' print out of previous minutes not being 2-up, until it was pointed out that they were.


All agreed that the turn-out was poor, and that several invitees didn't seem to know there was a meeting that night, which turned out to be because they hadn't bothered to read the minutes. Any more of this insubordination, and certain invitations will be revoked, especially the ...


... who, (no names, Barly) didn't materialise, and for whom Seens begrudgingly stood in for. However his pen didn't work very well, which wasn't helped by Dutt burning it with a ciggy lighter, so he had to use his emergency pen. This is not a euphemism.

3. Interuption

... at this point by Dutt's mum phoning, to say she had a pain in the leg (not neck i.e. Dutt), and would therefore not be attending. Get well soon, Mrs Dutt.

4. Date

Voted on 13th August, passed unanimously. However, see below.

5. Venue


Good progress here, with the short list of 4 or so getting narrowed down to 10 :

Moower pointed out that his fav is St Trinians, but as he is Groom, this is less than relevant, and therefore any votes for this would be given less value.


Action Ian - boaters, Action JC - on Ebay

7.Date Again

Action Moower - check Auntie Alma / Leonard's dates

Action Seens - email all attendees, requesting UNavailable dates, so we can decide once and for all.

Action JC - stop telling Seens to bring a proper pen.

8. Venue (again)

Moscow - Dutt likes furry birds' hats (furry hats of birds, not hats of furry birds. I assume)

9. Next Meeting

Friday 03-Jun-05 8p.m. Black Bull.