Moower Stag Minutes #6


Date: 17-6-05 @ 8pm

Venue: Table 29, Outside, Black Bull, Friargate (Preston)








Steve Tiley


Iain Mitchell






1. Col Greenwood

2. Somebody with the first initial “P” . (Apologies to the apologiser – my “doctors notes” from the mtg didn’t look quite as clear without beer goggles)


No Apologies






There was some debate here ……….


Messrs Moower, Barlow, Carmichael, Tiley & Mitchell arrived promptly at 8-ish.


Mr Dutt(0.5 Best Man) was already sat down with Beer on their arrival.


We were finally quorate at 2020 on Mr Seens (0.5 Best Man) late arrival.


He then had the audacity to claim that Messrs M,B,C,T & M had not actually arrived at 8pm - citing a telephone call received by his other half (Dutt) @ 8.10pm, who was, at that time, in the pub “toute seule” . The others insisted that their arrival was at 8 & that this was some kind of Best Men conspiracy.


The matter rested without agreement.


Actions from Last Meeting


All - Research Tie Suppliers


Seens has purchased all the Ties required at £1.50ea


All - Investigate Breasts


Done – See Below


ADS – Material for Skirts & Stockings


Complete -  the following pricing has been fixed by Seens:-


Ties £1.50

Tunic (I thought we’d rejected the Roman Theme ?) – may be this should have been pinafores ~£1.00

Tights £2.50

Hats £2.70

2m Ribbon £0.80

Wool £0.50

Satchel £4.00 (for a black one)

Tits £1.00 (a pair)


Total Outfit £14.00


All – Investigate Britney Spears Schoolgirl look in that Video


JCC had found a source for a complete Britney Spears Schoolgirl outfit @ £11, & Straw boaters for £2.99.



All - Investigate Locations


Ilkley (Seens) – 1 Night Club, 5 Curry Houses, Lots Pubs, No Accommodation. In summary “possible but could be expensive”


Although Seens did mention that if the Stag Event had been a few months earlier, we would have been able to stay at his parents place.


They have since sold it to a very old couple (131 & 99) – resourceful as ever, the committee argued that we may still be able to stay there because they probably wouldn’t be able to hear us.


Barnard Castle (JCC) – Work In Progress – i.e. nothing done.


Lichfield (Iain) Didn’t look too good, quiet etc. – apparently the natives of Lichfield & Cannock like to have nights out in each others towns but not their own. (Over the years this technique has allowed them to gradually breed out their genetic flaws Lichfield : A 3rd Eye,  Cannock: Very Large Ears)


Adelaide (Andy Ryder) – Testimony presented on his behalf by Moower & Senior . “Excellent but pricey, No curry house but an excellent Kebab Shop”, No taxis back to UK.


Harrogate (PXB) – Harrogate has 6 night clubs, Loads of Pubs within a small area. Accommodation is available (Travelodge & Travel Inn), Curry Houses were not discussed.


It was agreed that Harrogate was the best of the 5 options & that 8 rooms (each holding 3) should be booked in Earnest (I believe it’s a small village just outside Harrogate with a good travel agent)




Moower had a preference for the home-made look for the costumes.


It was proposed that badges be made for the Stag (Head Girl) & Best Man (Prefects).


Some commented that the Pinafore style may inhibit one getting one’s tits out & that a pleated skirt may be more suitable.


St Trinians or Britney, White Socks, fishnets, tight or stockings were all discussed & the vote went as follows :-


St. Trinians.

Fishnet Tights

No White Socks.


When asked “what else do we need for the costume?” Seens replied “Some Freckles & a bit of Lippy” .


Colin Greenwood has offered the services of his mum (an expert seamstress) to run up some costumes for us.


The black satchels could be sprayed the more Traditional Brown colour.


Action All: to look into availability of Brown Satchels <= £4 each


Other Costume/Accessory  Ideas :


- Mortar Boards could be had for £6.99.(JCC)


- Fake ID Cards Action JCC to find the Laminator he never had. Action: Steve Tiley to action Lynn Bradshaw to action Chris Kent (Louise B’s uncle) to produce all the ID Cards.


- Books tied up with strings.



I was agreed that An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Committee will be convened when Seens has completed the Costume Prototype.




After a swift Beer Interlude, The urgency for booking accommodation was re-iterated. Action PXB to sort out accommodation this weekend.


Unannounced Disappearance of the Secretary 


Twas writ, in a foreign hand, that the secretary “vanished unannounced” at 09.05 & returned at 0907 with “no excuse proffered” . (Post.Mtg.Note.) It something I’ve been able to do at will since a short bloke with hairy feet gave me this gold ring.




Matty Brown – has said that he “Will be Glad to Attend on Saturday the 6th


Danny & Ribs – were nominated for inclusion in the invitees list.


Barn Door said he would like to attend as the George Cole Character (The Spiv)


Official Photographer


JCC volunteered & was accepted as official Paparazzi for the Stag Event.


It was also mentioned that a bulk purchase of disposable flash cameras (inc. developing costs) be procured as a backup

(Action PXB - to check prices).   


Other Notable Quotes from the Proceedings


Dutt “wants to be a woman”


JCC “strongly wishes to shave his legs”



DONM   Black Bull, Friargate,  8pm Friday 8th July unless accommodation issue not resolved.



Post Meeting Notes


  1. 8 rooms have been booked at the Travelodge In Harrogate – cost £60 per room per night (total £960) – rooms have a double bed, sofa & pull out bed + bathroom with flushing toilet & running water. (quite something for that far east).


  1. Disposable Cameras approx £12 for Four excluding Developing -


  1. Several Curry Houses have been discovered  in Harrogate  





Friday 15th July – Moower correctly pointed out that the Last meeting was actually scheduled for the Friday 17th June (not Friday 15th) 


Dutt questioned the statement that he will buy all the beers on his birthday (as recorded in previous minutes) & stated that he actually expects to buy the beers all evening on both the 5th &  6th August. He went on further to confirm that he will also buy beers for everyone out on his 45th Birthday.