Monday, 18 April 2005

Moower Stag Meeting # 1 – Minutes

Date         Monday 21-Mar-05

Time         20:30

Location    Withy Trees, Fulwood, Preston



ST was issued a bollocking at this point, for continually butting in before we’d started. Hadn’t even got to item 1 yet. Any more of that, and he’ll be ostrichsized.


The current Secretary, Mr Seens, stated that he was happy to do the minutes this time, under duress from Moower, but was not going to be roped into doing it for the rest of the meetings, as he was not the Best Man, and he was now working and couldn’t spend all his days writing comedy sketches. Each meeting would have a new sec., and next time would be Barlymow’s turn, as he had a PDA. A risky choice of candidate, bearing in mind punctuality records, so it was agreed that Barlymow would be informed of a start time 30 mins early. However, he would know this, so 1hr early would be used.

2.Stag Name

Moower, pronounced “mooo – er”. No other suggestions, other than to state the obvious “Fat Mooower”, which would be more traditional. 


Unanimous that it should be lady-based, thus excluding Star Trek (except 20 Lt. Urhurahus) and Pilsbury Doughmen (for Si Eag’s benefit).Suggestions were (interspersed with general guffawing) :

The last 2 seemed very favourite.


Pre-requis-eet-t-t-ts : pubs, curry, club.

At this point, some football scores, which were not currently showing on the pub telly, were not discussed and not recorded in these minutes.


“Freshers’ weeks”s ? poss. 30-Jul, 06-Aug, 13-Aug. Not 19-Aug, as it’s V05 that w/e.


A bird called R. Pegg was nominated by Moower. The Committee had never heard of her, so suggested an alternative; Lisa Lee. The Committee will investigate and assess the nominee at it’s leisure.

7.Best Man

TBD. Action of the highest priority – Moower. If nobody suitable has been chosen by next meeting, the committee may chose one itself on behalf of Moower, e.g. some tramp or local chav.

8.Stag Bob

I.e. a bird, present as a “stag doe”, but in disguise as a bloke, like in Black Adder 2. She will have to be able to say “I love you, sir” whilst slapping her thigh. And then get her norks out probably.

Markage nominated Lizanne. She will be invited (Action Markage), interviewed, inspected, and voted upon.


List to be drawn up – Action Moower.

10. Accomodation

Travelodges etc £50 / room – Action Iain to investigate. Or camping – Action All, to think about it.

11. Next Meeting.

Not another pub quiz. Especially after ST failed to win this one, even by cheating so much that we got all the answers right. So, 8p.m. Fri 22-Apr, Old Black Bull, Friargate. However, Barlymow stated that this would preclude use of his palmtop for minute taking. Action Barlymow – bring notebook.

12. AOB.

 13. Meeting closed 21:40, for proper drinking.