Moower Stag Minutes #5


Date: 3-6-05 @ 8pm

Venue: Black Bull,  Friargate (Preston)





Seens (aka. BM Senior)



Dutt (aka BM Junior)

Iain Mitchell

PXB (aka part-time secretary)




Steve Tiley – something about going to see a cigar smoking despot.

Ed Culshaw

Phil Mountain – Seens questioned whether he’d been taken to see Mohammed (peace be upon him), but he’d Gone to see G4 - surely he should be apologising to his ears, not us





All present at 8pm – at last, the message about punctuality has finally got through.



Dutts Mum


It was reported that Mrs Dutt is now OK.  





Much discussion about dates ensued – with an impressive matrix of dates vs. names tabled.


5tth 6th August was the Clear Favourite.


However, this clashes with a number of events :-


             The “Provisional” Hen Do (provisional in the sense that the “Suitability of the Bride” has still to be resolved**)


             Hiroshima Day – so the Stag Event is guaranteed to go off with a Bang. Whilst on the bad taste trip,  a Theme of US Bomber pilots was suggested – although this would rule out the Lake District as a Location (fear of offending the transient Japanese Population)


             BM Juniors Birthday – As previously minuted, Dutt agreed to buy beers all evening on his birthday.


Despite the above, the Committee reversed tradition & actually made a real decisionThe Stag Event will be the weekend commencing the 5th August.





A number of possible locations were discussed


Barnard Castle (t’other end o’t A66) – Curry/Club to be confirmed

Hawkshead – Farmers field near Outgate was suggested – complete with DIY Beer Pump (as per Steve Hunt Stag ??)

Durham -  After a brief search – deemed too big - 12 Clubs.

Pity Me – near Durham, nice name but probably no club, no curry.

Harrogate – 13 Nightclubs – including Cardinal Sin (?), Station Parade.

Ashby de la Zouch – Nice name, Possibly a KP Crisp museum, but that’s it.


An “interesting” chat a about WAP/GPRS data metering schemes interrupted proceedings at this point & the Venue thread was temporarily lost.





Themes were reviewed again after the last meetings disappointing down-select from 4 to 10 themes.


After a very short debate (so short that I didn’t minute it !) Schoolgirls emerged as the chosen theme & costing/planning proceeded at pace.


- Following from last meetings action, JC found a price of £3.50 for straw boaters on eBay.


- Each “schoolgirl” will be asked to bring their own White Shirt.


- Ties – Shool Outfitters may be a source – but it probably wouldn’t look right. Action All :  investigate bulk tie suppliers & prices  (Tradex etc ?)


- False Breasts – essential requirementpossible source - Fancy Dress Hire Shops  - Tulketh Road ?, Lovatt Rd ? Action All: Investigate Breasts.


- Somebody even suggested G-strings (It’s making me feel ill)


- Action ADSInvestigate Material for Skirts, -Stockings,  


Various Hair Colour were mentioned for the “Pigtails” – BM Blonde, Stag – Ginner, Rest – Brunette – the eventual conclusion was that Blonde would be best for all


Somebody said that the Britney Spears look was goodAction All : Investigate


Other ideas to be considered :-





Using the aformentioned matrix, Moower counted the number of potential Schoolies as 20 +/-2. Although it was suggested that all should confirm their intention to wear costume ASAP.


A target budget of £10 per person was set for the entire costume.



Venue 2


Ilkley was forwarded as a potential venue, the author questioned whether Hats would be allowed there. A spokesperson for the Yorkshire Foreign Office said that the Hat exclusion zone was restricted to “ont’ top o’t Moor” in accordance with the Yawksha National Anthem.




**The Bride


The suitability of the bride was assessed, in absentia, by open questioning of the Stag.


Q.Does she have the tea ready every night ? 

A.  No – although this is perhaps no longer relevant in the 21st Century – Seens - mentioned that, in fact, he wears the skirt their household & has the Tea ready for Nic when she arrives home.


In mitigation, the Stag did say that Miss Lee is Custodian of the Magic Laundry Basket – a fact that virtually assures suitability.



Venue 3


The meeting was called to Order once again …….


With the Weekend & Theme now resolved – all that remained  wass the Venue to decide & that this should be the focus of our efforts.


A set of criteria were established to facilitate selection :-


Population – M/F Ratio 40/60

Club – No Violence, Free Entrance (counts as Double Points for a Yorkshireman)

Curry – Only needs to be open on Friday

Suitable Accomodation/ Comfortable Bus Station




Investigate the following Locations


Ilkley (Seens)

Barnard Castle (JCC)

Lichfield (Iain)

Adelaide (Andy Ryder)

Harrogate (PXB)


It was suggested that when contacting Tourist Information/Accomodation that we say that we are on a school re-union rather than a cross dressing Stag Weekend.






Seens politely requested that the Minutes be made available the Next Day, The secretary politely replied.


Meeting Closed at 2240



DONM –  Black Bull, Friargate,  8pm Friday 15th June



Post Meeting Notes


  1. Seens has found a Source for Hats & has purchased the Ties. Prototypes to be developed for Next Meeting