Seens's Stag Weekend Photos

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Seens's Stag Weekend Plans


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Date :
Fri 27-Mar-09 - medium sized beers + curry, in civvies
Sat 28-Mar-09 - big night out dressing up
Theme (Sat) : French Maids ("you look dirty, I'll run my duster over you")
Location : Chester
N.B. Saturday attendance has obligatory dressing up.

N.B. We have booked all the available 11 rooms (doubles) for Fri 27 and Sat 28, at Chester Central Travelodge.
60/room/night, which has been pre paid, and will be beaten out of you on the day. We can cancel any we don't need up till noon Friday.
Also, Rosty/Dan have got 2 emergency beds at the hostel, which we can cancel if not needed.
In theory that's 24 maids max, altho it's not for me to stop other maids crashing in rooms.
Please let me know ASAP if you're coming and for which night(s) want a bed, or have already booked your own room.

Alternatively/overspill, there is Chester Backpackers 1/2 mile up the road. Probably loads of local B&Bs also.

The outfits are being knocked up en-masse for ~15 each. For keeps, not hire.
You need to bring your own :
- cheque for room 30pppn I've pre-paid all rooms, and I don't want >1300 in cash. Or, pre-pay me on-line.
- plain black shoes
- plain white shirt, long sleeved & collared
- optional plain white t-shirt for if it's cold
- optional handbag for cash/phone/tampons etc.
- optional wig (for us baldies)

Also, have a think about Saturday day activities, e.g. mountain biking, hard drinking.
I think there's boat trips/punting etc.

Meeting Minutes

... in an attempt to organise the Stag Weekend Plans.

Meeting 1 27-Dec-08 (inpromptu) sec. Col
Meeting 2 22-Jan-09 (inpromptu) sec. Seens
Meeting 3 07-Feb-09, sec. BM Howard, un-abridged (the minutes, not the BM)
Chav 07-Feb-09, Ant Glenholm's explaination of the word ''Chav''.