Nicola & Andrew's Wedding (a.k.a Nic & Seens/Uncle Shabby)

Last update - 06/04/09
Please check here a couple of days beforehand. Don't forget to hit Refresh.

Here are some details that you may find useful. This page will get updated now & then, so suggest you check a few days before, and print.
We're not including the date here, as we don't want any old dodgy web-surfers reading this & turning up.

Please bear in mind that, given the date we've chosen, traffic may be bad. I think there're roadworks on the M6 at several places north of Preston. Take route planner times with a pinch of salt.
From Preston, the A6 may be a bit slower but more reliable than the M6. The M6 route takes you on the A6 for the last bit anyway.

Also, we suggest booking any accomodation / taxis soon. There are 3 or so small hotels in Carnforth, and loads in Lancaster.
I don't think that there's a taxi rank at the station, but there are several local companies.
For Preston-ites, a bus of some sort may get arranged. Last train Carnforth -> Preston looks like 2234.


Please reply to your invitation as soon as possible. The reception venue is quite small, and there's guest numbers/table arranging and stuff for us to do yet.
A quick email's OK, to andrew(at) or nic.goddard(at) (<-- sorry, these aren't links, to avoid spam emails)

Ceremony - Ashton Memorial, Williamson Park, Lancaster

The Ashton Memorial is a big marble-looking Edwardian building, looks a bit like a scaled down St. Paul's cathedral, with its big green dome on top.
It overlooks the park, and Lancaster / Morcambe bay.
Our ceremony will be inside, through the doors opposite tghe seperate building, on the side away from the hill.
Click here to see the Williamson Park official website

Public parking

free on wedding days.
Car park address : Off Wyresdale Road, Lancaster LA1 3DY (For sat nav, house number #86 is ~ opposite)

Enter Williamson park on foot, by following the narrow path out of the carpark, on the left (looking from the road).
As you enter the park near a big arch, you'll see a big white sign of Lancaster Physiotherapy over the road on the left.

It's then a 5 minute walk in the park, past the big pond, and up to the Ashton Memorial on your right.
Click here to see location on Google maps

Private parking

Next to the memorial, enter from North edge of Williamson Park.
Only 12 spaces, for family, bridemaids and ushers only please. And don't all bring a car each.
Car park address : Off Quernmore Road, Lancaster LA1 1UX
Click here to see location on Google maps

Reception - Carnforth Station

Pay & Display parking. I think there may be an area to one side for overnight.
Station address : Warton Road, Carnforth LA5 9TR (not LA5 9XP as quoted on the Station's website Find Us/Travel page)
Click here to see location on Google maps

Our reception is in the "Furness & Midland Hall" and also (after 6pm) The Refreshment Rooms.
We've private use of the whole building, which is on the central platform.
To get there from the carpark, walk around the left of the main ticket building, down the underpass ramp, and back up the next ramp.
You'll pass under he famous clock from the 1940s film "Brief Encounter". Keep left past the Refreshment Rooms (open at 6pm) and enter from the platform.

N.B. The function room itself isn't big enough for a fully seated dining layout.
There will be enough dining tables for about 1/2 of us, please leave these free for the older folks, i.e. anyone who looks older than Andrew/Seens.
There're also tables/seating in the Refreshemnt Rooms.

Click here to see the Carnforth Station and Visitors Centre official website


 ~1:30 Guests arrive Ashton Memorial, Williamson Park (see map above).
 ~1:45 Bride arrives.
    2:00 Wedding ceremony starts.
 ~ 2:30 Wedding ceremony ends. Champagne + Photos.
 ~ 3:30 Ashton Memorial closes (to us). Depart.
 ~ 4:00 - 4:30 All arrive Carnfoth Station, Furness Hall (see map above). Canapes + drinks.
 ~ 5:00 Speeches (if we're loosened up enough).
     6:00 Refreshment Rooms bar opens.
 ~ 7:00 Food in Furness room.
 ~ 7:00 Jazz band "High Society"in Refreshment Rooms.
 ~ 9:00-9:45 Band "The Vowes" in Furness room.
 ~10:15-11:00 Band "The Vowes" in Furness room.
~11:30 Bride & Groom depart.
  12:00 Booze licence expires in Furness room. Home time. Or hotel bar.

Dress Code

There is none really, but we're going to be fairly traditional.
As the staion has very much a 1940s feel (it's where they filmed Brief Encounter), feel free to dress in the era, tweed / train driver / Dad's Army character if you like.
You may of course wear shorts at some point.

Wedding list

We had intended to come up with some sort of wedding list by now to make it easy for those of you who might kindly be wanting to buy us a gift.
However, we're very sorry, but time has got the better of us and we haven't been able to put anything together.
If you do wish to get anything as we said we're more than happy for a suprise gift !
Or vouchers from anywhere really (including garden centres, department stores, etc.) as we still have lots to do on the house.

  * Marks & Spencer
  * Debenhams
  * B & Q
  * Ikea br>


We'd ask a small favour of all of you. Please take plenty of candid (i.e. un-posed) piccies, including of the guests (not just us), and email to us afterwards please.
These are often the best record of the day, and it'd be great if we could put them all together.

# # # Looking forward to seeing you on the day. Nicola & Andrew (Nic & Seens) # # #

P.S. Any questions - get in touch.