Tick The Boxes

Apologies, this is just my excuse to show off.

Mountains Climbed

Click here to go to details of the mountains that I/we have climbed.

Countries visited

This speadsheet is a complete list of the countries of the world, as currently defined by somebody or other official sounding on the inter-web-net thingy.
There are 2 lists : official (UN) & unofficial countries, e.g. Honk Kong is offically owned by China, and is not its own country, but clearly worth a tick-in-a-box.

Click here countries to open it, then, enter "1" for the countries that you've been to, and it'll total the number up for you.
Save the file, email it to me, and I'll add it to the scores list below.
Note : the rules (we decided) are that you must have exited cusoms & left the airport building - transit stops don't count.

Top 50 Things To Do Before You Die

From the BBC TV program : 50 Things

Top 50 Places To Go Before You Die

From the BBC TV program : (coming soon)

Best Man

I've done this a few times now. If I get asked again, I'm going to charge.

No. Groom / Bride Date Location pix
6 Mark Proctor + Susan 23-Sep-06 Fleet, Hampshire  
5 Dave Moore + Lisa * 17-Sep-05 Preston pix
4 Paul barlow + Jo 2004 Windermere, Lakes  
3 Andy Ryder + Hazel   Adelaide, Austrailia  
2 John Cushnie + Jane   Blackpool  
1 Howard Buckle + Janet   Leeds  

* = joint BM with Andy "Dutt" Forshaw