The Old Days

Me, a few years ago.

Notice the hair ...
And the shorts ...
And the pint / fag ...
1972 Cookridge County Primary School, Leeds
I'm top left.
Front row, 2nd from left is my Best Man, Howard Buckle.
1976 Holt Park Middle School, Leeds.
Back row, 3rd from left.

And a few years later ...

"Ladies Night" at the Manchester Corn Exchange (I think). Nige "I'm can't come out, I'm looking after a bee" Seddon's choice, which turned out to be the thespian equivalent to "The Full Monty", with out the decent music, storyline or actors.
Drinks at The Marc Addy, before "Ladies' Night", some dodgey Mancunian male strip show chosen by Nige Seddon. 
Notice how Chris could only manage trainers.

The Tyne Street Tarts, bless. Katie (now a Yank), Sarah B.C. (I can confirm this), Gill (not the "subservient" one), and substitute Nicky "nyooo blooo shoooos". Notice in the 3rd pic, Pete Carmich looking 16, as he still does, Brycy, Boooothy, Rob (now in The Gold Coast), and the only known image of Roger The Co-Owner.

House Of Lauds. Halleur. I'm a Noah's arc, and Katie is a can of Bodds.

In the Exchange, Fox St. Notice the halo.

This looks a bit like the Good Lads when they were 16. Any clues ?
(From JC: "The dude with the massive hair issues on the right of the photo is Jim Millard, who was one of the 20 sponsored undergrads who started sept 84 with me, T, kate, gill etc He packed it all in after the first year at uni (to set up his own ganga factory I believe - public school type you see), having got bored of going home at 4pm for a kip, before coming back to work and clocking off at 6pm. Therefore, the date of the photo must be between sept 84 and jul 86 so I'm guessing it's probably xmas do '84 or '85.")