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The 21th Annual-ish “FRIARGATE GALLONTM “ –  Official Rules  v2010.3


WARNING – Friargate Gallon Promotions plc accepts no responsibilities for, nor associated with, any “copy-cat” events vaguely attempting to reproduce the originality and prestige of this traditional event.


Date:                            Friday  19th February 2010

Start Time:                   7.15 Registration (for 7:30 1st Starter’s orders)

Start Venue:                The Adelphi (or if closed, then next Pub)


The sole aim of the Event shall be a friendly, social drinking event based on a time limit in each of eight (8) Public Houses along the internationally renowned street “Friargate” in Preston, Lancashire, England.


1.       ENTRY. Up to 40 Competitors may be Entered during the preceding month.
The day before The Event, Teams (usually two) of an equal number of competitors will be drawn, and an official Referee’s Score Sheet produced.


2.       REGISTRATION. Competitors must Register BEFORE Start Time with the Referee, in the first pub, else suffer a penalty.
Each will be allocated a Competitor Number, which will be drawn on their right hand by the Referee.


3.       TIMING.

3.1.    Referee’s 1st Whistle:    Starter’s Orders - ALL competitors have been served with Beverage and may now proceed with Consumption

3.2.    Referee’s 2nd Whistle:   10 Minute Warning - The first competitor has consumed their Beverage

(Pint only not 1/2), therefore 10.0 minutes of Drinking Time has now commenced.

3.3.    Referee’s 3rd Whistle:    Time’s Up - Drinking Time of 10.0 minutes is now over.

4.       BEVERAGE.

4.1.    1 Pint (Imperial) of Alcoholic Beverage (Bitter, Lager, Cider, Stout or Mild) at each pub.  ‘Shandy’ is deemed to be a half measure.  A “dash” (e.g. lime cordial) is extraneous.

4.2.    ½ Pints (Imperial) of Alcoholic Beverage shall be an option for female competitors only.


5.       SCORING. To have points recorded for each Beverage, a Competitor must :

5.1.    Call out his/her Competitor number to the Referee, and

5.2.    Display out his/her Competitor number and empty glass to the Referee, and

5.3.    Wait for the Referee’s verbal acknowledgement of Competitor number, else no points are scored.

5.4.    Be able to have the Consumption verified by an opposing team member


6.       POINTS

6.1.    10 points for each Beverage consumed wholly, during the Drinking Time, in each pub.

6.2.    10 points for each additional & pre-notified Beverage (‘Flyer’) consumed wholly, during the Drinking Time, in each pub.

7.       PENALTIES

7.1.    10 points for a Late Start at the beginning of the evening.

7.2.      5 points for Sipping a Beverage before Starters Orders, or Spilling at any time.

7.3.    15 points for deliberately Disposing of Beverage, hand over, hiding, pouring away etc.

7.4.    40 points for Vomiting.

7.5.    DISQUALIFICATION may result from excessive swearing, letching or not displaying impeccable behaviour at all times.


8.       ROUTE

1.       The Adelphi                         Bass

2.       TBD (prob The Ship)             (was Reflex/Base/Old Polit./Friar’s Gate)

3.       The Lamb and Packet          Thwaites

4.       The Sun Inn                         Thwaites

5.       The New Britannia                Hartleys

6.       The Dog and Partridge          Bass

7.       The Old Black Bull               Boddingtons

8.       The Black Horse                  Robinsons


N.B. O’Neils & Greyfriars (Wetherspoons) are too incompetant at serving to be included.


9.       SPECTATING. This is not encouraged. Those Attendees of not enough strength of character to compete (Spectators) shall give bar service priority to Competitors.


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