Cartoons From From The AGTR Days

Sketches from the BAe Tornado Avionic Ground Training Rig team, ~ 1994-96. We had a big team whiteboard that didn't see much work-related stuff on it.

Dutt's Opel Manta, which had a stupid big spoiler, & the back-end sloped like a ski jump.

Dutt's Cavalier, all tarted up to look like someting other than a white, 4 door boring family saloon. And always with fog lights on, 'cos everyone knows that it impresses the birds. Notice the names on the windscreen sun visor; he had been dating a pizza delivery woman at the time.

Si Eagles's Citroen BX Estate, with it's strange retracting rear suspension. French = beret + hairy armpits. Notice all the doors, to accommodate the huge recent increase in family size.

This (left) is a REAL PHOTO of Si Eags orange Lacia Y10. It had a "Small Vehicle" hazard warning sign on the rear bumper. His parents made him buy it, it some deal whereby he DIDN'T get to own a ... ... green Frog Eyed Sprite (right), with a special personalised reg-plate SRE666 (his initials are SRE). Notice his new(ish) beard on both pictures.

Seens Triumph Spitfire No. 1. It wasn't quite as red as shown, more dull rusty, brown. But dustbin wasn't far off the quality.

Seens Triumph Spitfire No. 2. Better condition than the 1st, but still more dull, rusty Britsish Racing Green. It had a big-bore stainless twin exaust that Duv said "could spit out all the enginge parts". Standard chav Clio-ware these days. (He had a 3rd Spitfire, quite good condition, in British Racing Custard)

Dave Moower's Triumph GT6, in the process of being lovingly restored. It took 5 years to do, in his Dad's chicken shed, and has remained there since, collecting dust. It's mint, but full of chicken feathers.

Dutt's shiny Cavalier got a pranged a bit. Nothing more than a scratch, but he was FUMING, which was not like him.

Dave Riles' took his 2-years-to-build (incl. converting to rear wheel drive) rally-prepared Escort Mk.III to the annual Mull rally, and rolled it down a hillside on the first corner.

Bob's small family car (Fiesta ?), shown in a way that demonstrated how sick we all were of hearing about what a "keen price" he paid for all those little Saturday-morning-at-Halfords bits.

Dave Moower's Audi Quattro Mk.I. Great car in its day, but a bit on the angular side in modern terms, and the headlights were appalling. We drove back from a party at the Norwich Birds', and kept getting flashed by oncoming drivers who thought he hadn't put his his lights on.

Chris Waters's car (Escort ?) during his sudden family-size explosion.

Spekey used to borrow his bird's Peugeot 205, which was a bit small for him. He also liked the odd nap at his desk, pretending to read emails. Notice the "grapes" (Emma Freud) on the wing mirror.

Miles had his motor (Vectra ?) knicked from outside his house in Blackpool. The feds found it dumped in Leeds somewhere, with the stereo gone, and some empty beer cans in it. Yorkshire folks know how to party at Lancashirshireons' expense.

Steve Baxi bought a knackered old Ford Sierra from some dodgy dealer in Blackpool. It had done 100,000s of miles, and was probably a cut & shut of 2 taxis. It had a piece of string for an excelerator.

Poor Dutt. After deciding to sell the Cavalier, he let a scouser take it for a test drive BY HIMSELF, who didn't return. The scouser's mum said to Dutt "Oh, he's not done it again has he ?". Amazingly, the insurance paid out, but it some some angry letters (a Dutt speciality).

Dutt absconded AWAL from work for a week, meanwhile he had borrowed someone's sturdy boots, and there was a rumour he was doing his motorbike test. This is an artist's impression of what his new bike would look like (infact a CBR600FN).

When Dave Moower's Quattro's headlights flickered and died, he bought his Dad's stretch-limo (Rover 600). Not cool. Notice the tartan blanket - this was entirely factual.

Bob left BAe to work for Smiths Avionics. That got mis-interpreted slightly. He left just after (and possibly because of) the embarassing Grecion-2000-grey-hair-turned-black-overnight incident.

Shaaaaron, a.k.a. Sharoon, Shareen etc. (as defined by the "pronunciation of the week" entry on the team board), put her Chevette ("Shuv-it") in a drainage ditch. If that wasn't funny enough, her bloke Nige told us that she'd done it a couple of times. Southern women drivers.

Scotty-Dog (-Livingstone-Edgar) has his car knicked from outside his house in Ansdell. It would never have happened in Lytham proper.

Seens green Spifire, attempting an MoT at Townsend's.